Reclaim Your Success


Get Back to Being Your Best

There was a time when you were successful or achieving the results you wanted. Everything was going so well for you.

Your results in your sport, work or life were exceptional.

But for whatever reason, you have lost that winning performance, your zest for life or those magnificent results you were getting.

You aren’t alone and it can happen to anyone. But there is a way back (I have personally lost everything twice).

I know what it takes to get back to being your best again.

You needn’t let slip-up’s, setbacks, a loss of confidence, belief or some ‘failures’ – no matter how severe – stop you from getting back to your best and beyond.

You Can Do It

You pay me to get your magnificent results and achievements back again. Whether in your work, your life, your business or your sport. And that’s what we will get, together.

If you think that I just teach you ‘positive thinking’ please think again. I don’t deal in fluff and nonsense. I’m not there to get you jumping up and down. That’s not what you pay me for.

But day-by-day I can get you back to your best ever self. I can help you achieve those past results or glories or success (call them what you like).

You can do it. You can get it back again. I really know that you can. Whatever has happened has happened. But there is a way to bounce back; even bigger and better than before.

I will coach you and give you the self-confidence, belief and other performance tools to get you achieving again.

My coaching is also based in values. In other words, what is the point of any success if it takes away something else from your life, like your personal happiness or ruins a relationship? And you don’t want the journey to be stressful either! I have done all of that, as a CEO and Group Business Director for multi-million pound and dollar companies; and it’s not worth it.

So I ensure you won’t fall into the same trap.

So if your desire to change is stronger than your desire to live as you are now, then get in touch with me.

You’ll never regret it.

In my 25 years of studying success (And achieving my wildest dreams) and 50 years of watching and studying people, I have found that there isn’t that much holding you back and preventing you from living a great life Discover More right here

A Bit About Rob

Rob Hamilton is an Author, NLP Practitioner, Timeline Therapist™ and Life Enhancement Coach. He has conducted his Mind and Performance Workshops to thousands of people on 4 continents.

He has appeared on live TV and radio and in various news articles. Robert was also a privileged guest speaker at the famous Napoleon Hill International Convention, in Kuching, Malaysia.

What thoughts consistently dominate your mind will determine your results – Robert D Hamilton

3 Things You Can Work on to Get Better Results Right Now

If you are not getting the results you desire, there are usually 3 things preventing you from achieving them. These can apply to your life, your business or your sports performance.NLP

  1. Your Belief – Developing high levels of self-belief gives you the motivation to succeed
  2. Your Confidence – Rock solid self-confidence empowers you to put those beliefs into action
  3. Your Goals – Knowing what to aim for and how to get there are critical to your future success

Using NLP, my own studies of the mind and success spanning over 25 years, including the latest research in Neuroscience, I work in rapidly building your self-belief, confidence and goal setting and achievement abilities!

Start getting better results right now.

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